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I'm Arthur Redmond, a Full Stack Developer

I am a software developer based in the United States who has been building applications websites to bring companies ideas to life. I help convert a vision and an idea into meaningful and useful software products. Having the ability to transform requirements into useful software helps me prioritize tasks, iterate fast, and deliver faster. Take a look at my portfolio of work and lets see if we can work together on your next project.


I am a problem solver. I build full stack web and mobile applications. I use C#, SQL,, Javascript, Xamarin, Bootstrap, HTML, and CSS. I have highlighted my key technical skills that I will bring to your project.

C# Development

I use C# on a daily basis to build websites and moble applications. You can see examples of my work implementing C# in my projects sections.

Full Stack Web Development

I use proven design patterns and frameworks to build websites. and MVC fits the bill for most projects. Vist my projects to see examples.

Front End Development

I use HTML, CSS, and Javascript to build attractive responsive front ends for websites. Please see my front end work in my projects section.

Mobile Development

Xamarin is a cross platform native mobile development platform. This allows me to create mobile applications that run on iOS and Android.

Database Development

Database Development is critical to most projects. I am well versed in SQL Development from queries to design. I can help you make the most of your data.

Data Analytics

I can help you ensures the quality and accuracy of your data, then process, design, and present it in ways to help people, businesses, and organizations make better decisions

Let's work together!

I am available for freelance projects. Hire me and get your project done.


Showcasing complete functional projects demonstrates what I can bring to your project. I built these projects from the ground up to demonstrate my skills: front-end, back-end, security, and database development. All these projects are full stack web projects that are built so that you can demo them easily. Contact me to get a complete code walkthrough.

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Coding Challenges

I like to challenge myself and learn new things. Coding Challenges allow me to solve new problems with code but on a smaller scale than a full project. Pluse the are fun to do! Each coding challenge is displayed in their own mini site that allows you to interact with the challenges.

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